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Créditos fotográficos


Amélie Girard


● Portfólio:  All that there was, all that's to be;  Delineado;  In limbo; Inside out;  January;  Là-bas, peut-être;

                   Low Tide;  Mise en abyme;  September;  Someday;  The other way around

Kane Hale

● Página inicial

● Portfólio:  Building the horizon;  Embrace;  Learning to fly;  The dream of the fisherman's wife;

                    The dream - Variations of the theme;  Metamorphosis;  Still life (I, II et III); 

                    Oyako;  Requiem



Evacarina Jimenez Priego

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Márcio Vilela


Portfólio:  Sisyphus



Michel Dubreuil


Portfólio:  Leaving the garden of Eden

Emma Haase


Portfólio:  Delineado

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